It is my deepest desire at All About Change to provide a place where you can bring both your heart and mind to search for a deeper experience of God. I hope that you will find that our place of worship reminds you that a new way of the heart is always available, that change for the better is always an option in our lives, and that love is more important than doctrine.
All About Change is an up and growing ministry that believes being reborn is just the beginning of your walk with Christ. We believe that it is the responsibility of the church to help you change your world through building faith, family and finance. This ministry intends to help its members and anyone in the community walk through life's journey with the necessary tools that are provided us through the Word of God. All About Change, through the vision of Pastor Robert Elam, seeks to improve the well-being of people in order to continue making a difference, as inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. 

This ministry will not only preach the gospel to people, but also have programs that promote community awareness and outreach ministries. All About Change will seek to empower our youth with programs that promote teen abstinence and high self-esteem for girls and boys, and provide a platform to discuss and deal with these concerns. The ministry will also tackle community programs such as drugs and substance abuse, gang relations, and domestic violence.

Pastor Robert Elam

All About Change Ministries