Thank you thank you thank you Pastor Elam for your urgency His movement to encourage me to pick up my weapons for the fight.  This has been extremely challenging for me.  Very complex of course.  Having been a RECOVERED crack user, I tended to do things very irresponsibly in the past.  I couldn't get through a day without using and in turn squandered away thousands.  That didn't deter me.  Thankfully God saw more in me He could use and gave me another chance.  I gave my life to God in Oct 18 1998.  I had been crack binging that eve and my boyfriend at the time caught me smoking.  He threatened to take my child away. That was enough for me to make a conscious decision to do right.  I lived for God faithfully thru 2001.   I suffered the loss of my sister in love and it caused me to stumble but I allowed God to raise me back up before it had time to fester.  Then another death of my brother in law in 2011 took a toll on me.  For the second time I felt God had forgotten about me. I began to falter and my faith slipped.  I did not however go bk to crack again. God had set me free but I did like to smoke weed. That however did not become my demon again until 2014 when my father became deathly I'll. I struggled with the old church and the old ways and the traditions I couldn't accept or understand and I began to divide myself from ppl and my church fam.  It did only get worse in 2016 with the death of my father in may and my husband in July.  It had been difficult.  I turned to smoking.  It didn't help.  I turned to drinking.  It didn't help.  I searched for companionship but God wouldn't let that continue  either.  I've paid along the way for those incorrect choices as has my family. I was lost and walking through life as a zombie.  Then my daughters interest in AAC caused me to take a look at God again Pastor Elam's direct forth style preaching and unashamed open testimonies gave me strength to fight again.  To leave the comfort of my home church and get where I could get some help for my souI. Problem was me.  I couldn't let go of the past.  The hurt. The depression the anger the resentment.  I couldn't STAY free from my thoughts of past failures.   The road got rough for me real recently and I can see the hand of God over my life.  I was heavy today because of the failures of my past but now realize looking into my future gave me the steps to my today.  I  FINALLY got a word from God that pierced my spirit today.  My praise is my ticket to my peace to my destiny to my souls ultimate desire.  That's why the enemy frequently keeps me distracted.  But after the service, prayer, and words of life from you I am strongly encouraged and can finally allow Him to stable my steps.  Plant me on solid ground.  So as the flight takes off, I do realize it may get very turbulent and uncertain but my inner man knows the the WAY MAKER will get me through. Thank you for heeding to the call to reach folks for REAL  Pastor.

Me saying the words "Thank you" wouldn't be appropriate.. because it comes no where near close to the amount of LIFE you speak in me. It's crazy. My father and I have talks but we always haven't had the best relationship all my life. So in essence I look at you as a father figure. It's not even about what you can give or help me out with either, it's just the principals.. "that image" you discussed in Augusta. That simple pat on the back, keep going. I'm so used to checking on others and trying to fulfill that role in everyone else's life and not really worrying about my own. That's why my pride was set up like that. I couldn't trust anyone.. still can't to be honest, that's why I'm always in augusta. I don't even feel comfortable being back home. My moms is the only person in my corner because I trust her.. She's not even in that state and her and I speak everyday. I used to give everyone expectations until my own family started kicking me while i was down...not friends but my family.... and ever since I was about 12 I been getting on my own with mama in the corner. But i stay in the word. I do my readings, and despite what I go through at school I could never miss a Sunday or a big event.. it's not to be seen by anyone BUT God. You talk all the time about having a spiritual pops and for me you fill that void. I've learned a few things.. I had to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop doing and chasing monetary things in order for God to speak to me when I first came to the change.. you know why chase these things that I can't take with me, why not God? God stripped me completely of everything after I dropped to my knees in the living room during the fast... and then he started birthing what he had for me all along. It never fails though, every time I feel like throwing in the towel it seems like God throws his hands on my collar and just lifts me back up... dusts me off and just say I told you I got you. Be still... Just be patient

There was once a young man who in his parents eyes was a fine young man but little they know their son while attending a Jr College was taking drugs from a female who boyfriend was a drug dealer and sold the drugs without the drug dealers knowledge.
Behind the scenes this young man distributed drugs getting deep in the streets. The conscience weight became heavy and a voice spoke to the young man, "stop what you doing or you shall surely die". 
So the young man went and joined the military to escape the street grind. In the service he showed little respect for woman and at the time monthly going from one woman to the next. He could never commit himself to anyone.
During his time in the service he got married. This young man began his own landscaping business on the side of his military service.
He could landscape the land outside of the church, but always feel guilty walking inside the church because he knew he still wasn't living right.
But God always saw fit to cover this young man to protect this young man. 
This young man didn't realize that while he was purifying the grounds outside of the church that God was purifying the spirit within this young man.
That marriage didn't work out but God continued to work in the spirit of this man.
Many years later God presented him a Woman who was chosen by God to be the man's mate. 
At first glance of this woman a voice spoke to him saying look she shall be your wife. And so it was he married the woman. He has love and adore her. 
God was still working in the spirit of the once young man now a man. God called many times to the man to step into his purpose but the man rebelled didn't want to give up the ways of the world. But a day came when God got the man attention.
God pruned the man flesh by having the man wife have cancer. This man on the edge of turning his life around prayed to God. At that very moment he whole heartedly submitted to God purely vowed if God would cure the cancer that he willingly surrender his life to do God Will.
I believe God smiled, he heard the man prayers. Finally, I have another man who shall stand steadfast and be a beacon and a warrior like Christ to spread the gospel and my love for all mandkind 
The once young man, A Man and Now a warrior for Christ is Minister Granison N. Prentice III
G.N.P = God's Never Ending Purpose

God has brought me a mighty long way. 7 years ago I was addicted to drugs, sex, and self hate. I hated everything about myself and could not stand to look in the mirror. I met my Husband during my addicition and God used him to lead me to Christ. After I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior into my heart I have never been the same. Through God's grace and mercy He has kept me and set me free from all the bondage I carried. About 4 years ago me and my family came to All About Change Ministries when it was held in Pastor Elam's house. We were automatically drawn to him because we had never seen a Pastor preach the way he did. We joined shortly after and our lives have been transformed. We learned about praying, tithing, and fasting. We have grown closer to God, gotten deeper into His Word, and we are more aware of the Holy Spirit individually and as a family. Pastor Elam is not only our Pastor and Mentor but He is also our Father. All About Change is not just our church but it is our family. We are so thankful that God brought us to All About Change and we are excited for all God is doing for  the Kindgom through this ministry.

God has brought me a mighty long way and He still is bringing me along a constant journey. My relationship with Jesus Christ began as a child with my biological father, Brennan Francois. He took me and my brother out of the church and had personal worship time with us in nature. There he made it a priority that I had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One day we went to a Christian event in Arkansas that he was a part of and I was called by the Holy Spirit. After knowing this new peace I decided to become baptized. My own father baptized me in a river in Arkansas. Since then I had a relationship with God, but I had several struggles growing up. I was a child then and I thought as a child. As I grew up in my teenage and young adult years I struggled with insecurity, shame, guilt, and fear. I was a very anxious person who was afraid of conflict. I did not know who I was as a man. It wasn't until I joined All About Change Ministries (Augusta) in January 2014 that all these negative behaviors began to change. The first time I heard Pastor Robert Elam speak I heard the voice of God. The second time I visited, I joined. He spoke things over my life that only God spoke to me. I didn't quite understand at the time what All About Change was all about, but I knew God wanted me there and that it was something I needed to fulfill my destiny. Every time I would come, I felt as if I was receiving the blueprint to my life. It has been four years since l have joined now. I can honestly say I have completely changed. I am still not perfect, but I  am faithful to God. My membership in the church began while I was living with my mother. I was with out a job, not providing for my wife and son, and very depressed. I was at a place where I felt like God spoke a vision to me but forgot all about me. We even then became homeless and spent some cold nights inside the church. I was at the end of a road. But since I have been committed to God, Pastor Elam, and All About Change Ministries, God has taken away what needs to be taken and added to my life what needed to be added. I have more peace, love, and joy than I ever have in my entire life. I cry tears of joy just thinking about who God is and what He has done for me. Now I have my own place and great sources of income to provide for my wife and son. My marriage is blossoming. My son is growing into a fine young man. I love life. I wake up and live. I just love experiencing life and at the center of it all is the joy of leading other people to Jesus. There is a great joy for me in spreading the truth of the Word of God to everyone and anyone in my company. God restored my confidence. I am unstoppable with God and I have the understanding that I am not average and I never was. I am a Kingdom Man with a Kingdom plan from God. 

My name is Diamond Brooks , I am 24 years old raised in Augusta, Ga. I used to be a High Income Low Class Diva spending money on every material item you could think about ! I also went to the club everyday of the week while smoking marijuana, black and milds and a cigarette if I was really enjoying myself. I had sex frequently and with different individuals. I was chasing money and men.  NOW, I am chasing after God . He healed me from Herpes and changed my characteristics and mindset. If I can do it so can you ❤️

All About Change Ministries

Diagnosed with cancer but God kept me! I thank God for sending an excruciating pain through my right breast November 26, 2016, 7 months after having a normal mammogram and ultrasound. The pain was so sharp that it woke me and I immediately did a self examination. After finding a lump, I made an appointment with my doctor. 3 days later I  received a mammogram and ultrasound followed by a breast biopsy on December 21, 2016. I  received a call at work on  December 24, 2016 to come in for my results with urgency in her voice. December 26, 2016, at the age of 50,  I was told my results were positive for breast cancer stage 2, right breast.  Not one lump but two, spread apart from each other and the size of a 50 cent coin. I was numb initially hearing the news but also felt blessed that is was found and Steps were taking to get rid of it. After seeing the initial surgeon we decided on a second opinion. During this time I had talks with God, lots of prayer and much meditating being who He is to me kept me focused,kept me calm and at peace for what was to come. During my second appointment (second opinion) God turned it around!  My diagnosis was no longer stage two but DCIS- ducal carcinoma in situ which is cancerous cells that are confined to the lining of the milk ducts and have not spread through the duct walls into surrounding breast tissue.  I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. I started loosing my hair by large strands falling out.  I was empowered to cut off my hair. Cutting off my hair  and not waiting for the cancer to finish taking it all was my way of telling cancer that I was in charge of my healing. I am blessed by my relationship with God,family, All About Change Ministry, friends, and spiritual doctors and staff. Cancer taught me so much. I know that I am strong and a fighter. I learned the importance of listening to my body and focusing on what’s really important in life. We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. If we give our body the right things, if we do the right things in our God-given body, cancer is not something to fear. God will show us there is no situation that is hopeless. Missy