All About Change Ministries

Nine years ago, God gave me an assignment. That assignment was to start a ministry. I was disobedient and did not do what God had told me to do. Because of past mistakes and my lifestyle at the time, I questioned my ability to do the task that He had assigned me.

   How many of you have questioned your life and have allowed the guilt from your past to keep you from a relationship with God? Have you allowed the criticisms, judgments, and labels placed upon you by others to make you feel unloved by God and not worthy to be used? The devil is a liar!  You may have done everything they have accused you of, but you are not who others say you are.  You are who God says you are! God knows that you are not perfect and He stills loves you. God uses imperfect people to do His will. Every person that God used in the bible to spread His word would more than likely been a headliner in today's media because of the sins they had committed during that time. But I'm here to tell you that God will take your mess and make it your message! He will take your test and make it your testimony! He will take your trials and make them your triumphs! God has a plan and a purpose for your life. At All About Change, we believe in second chances. We believe that through Christ we all can change. We believe that God has not changed His mind about you and your destiny. 

As a result of not loving myself, for many years I led a life of debauchery. This ranged from selling drugs, using women, having children by many different women, fighting, lying and just headed on a train going nowhere.  I did not understand at that time how insecurities, feeling inadequate,  and pai‚Äčn fostered this destructive behavior. Not facing childhood hurts and disappointments can cause your life to get off God's intended path for you. But glory be to God I had a Father that looked beyond my faults and saw who I was. God had a purpose for all my pain and past mistakes. Glory be to a Father who gave me the ability to change. A father who wanted me to believe and receive the change he had. I may have done everything they've said I did, But I'm not who they say I am. 


Pastor Robert Elam