All About Change Ministries

Over the last four years, Jamaal and Tiara Francois have been committed to God, Pastor Elam and All About Change Ministries. Brennan Jamaal Francois was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Augusta, GA. Tiara Renee Francois was born and raised in Augusta, GA.  They came in to All About Change Ministries in 2014. They were broken and seeking guidance from the Lord. Just prior to joining the ministry, Jamaal turned down a record deal and was extremely frustrated with life. He heard God speak a vision so big to him on October 5, 2008 but he was not spiritually ready for it. He knew God was going to use his voice to lead people to Jesus, but he just didn't know how. Looking up to all the rap superstars he began writing and performing some of the same foul content. He developed a well known name for himself in Augusta, GA and became one of the most popular local acts. Everyone in the city had seen or heard of him under the alias Dubble A. But on September 5, 2011 God called Jamaal to a higher standard. He and his girlfriend at the time, Tiara Francois, were partying hard. They were having sex, drinking and driving, taking drugs and not taking life as serious as they should have. But on this day Jamaal had an encounter with God that reminded him he had work to do and if he had died that day, he would have not fulfilled his purpose. Jamaal quickly began to make changes to live for God. He gave Tiara an ultimatum to live right. She too had an encounter with God the next day in a church where her friends invited her to come. Jamaal & Tiara read how the bible says "it is better to marry than burn" and made a decision to be married on December 17, 2011. In the fall 2012 Jamaal made a decision to give everything up and travel the country to take his music career to the next level. Tiara agreed and they lived out of their car in Atlanta for a short period. Then they flew out to California and worked their music talents. They spent a couple months in the streets of one of the most dangerous places in America, Los Angeles. There they had no money and no one they even knew. But Jamaal wanted to step out on the faith he read in the bible and try God. Tiara proved her loyalty to her husband and was with him every step of the way. Everyday God provided them with food and safety. Many nights they slept on the ground or the beach, but God provided. Whether it was someone buying a CD, making a donation, or finding vouchers for meals on the ground. A guy even took his time to teach them how to get government assistance and they lived out of a motel in Inglewood for a short while. Jamaal felt God's presence on this journey and knew he was going off of crazy faith. There would be confirmations from God like running into the VP of Island Def Jam twice or a music executive giving her hotel room for a night's sleep. Eventually Jamaal met a guy that gave him a record deal with an independent label. Jamaal thought he had made it. But soon after, they found out Tiara was pregnant and moved back to Augusta. As they waited for the deal to be finalized, reality sunk in. Jamaal and Tiara were soon to be parents and the record label was not ready to move forward. Jamaal decided to decline the agreement and became very upset with God. He felt like he used everything he had and failed. He also felt like he was given up something he worked so hard for. Depression begin to set in. One day Jamaal and Tiara decided to buy some marijuana from a friend. This friend invited them to All About Change and they have been rolling with Pastor Elam ever since. They have been blessed to have their music placed on Pandora and doors are opening to speak all over the world. But most of all they have let Jesus fully come in their heart and The Kingdom of God is their first priority.